do y’all still love me


HEY. YOU. okay so yes i have a new blog somewhere else and if you message me i will probably send you the url but i have a no-RL-friends policy i’m sorry i am just too embarassing over there.

but yep if you miss me just PM me

ps i wont give my url to anons thanks for being clever tho

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One of my friends was outside the Supreme Court yesterday protesting for GetEqual. She post this on Facebook today.


“The Human Rights Campaign asked us to take down our trans* flag because ‘marriage equality is not a transgender issue.’

They said this to one of our activists as well as a transgender person who held the flag. We stood our ground, and flew our flag proudly.

That flag flew behind the podium ALL day today, keep an eye for it on the news.”

This apparently happened twice. Well done, HRC. Well done. But I’m not allowed to be critical of your campaign. Get the fuck out of here.

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I’ve been browsing for like an hour and I only just realized I’m still on this account ppppp

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killorian replied to your post: somebody love me it’s three am and none of my ten…

IDK when you posted this, but *hugs*, don’t be sad or doubt yourself! You’re an awesome person and who cares if no one reblogs your stuff? That doesn’t make you any less cool; they just can’t handle your level of awesome, then! :)

aw thanks

I’m so glad there are people that care here haha.



I wonder if my neopet is alive


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somebody love me it’s three am and none of my ten followers on my other blog have reblogged anything in a week

also i’m lonely and filled with self-doubt

im gonna die my non-fandom friend reblogged this
love of pie bridges all types of blogs

im gonna die my non-fandom friend reblogged this

love of pie bridges all types of blogs

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more from the same day (hello aaron)


majestic horse in natural habitat

they get funnier the longer you look at them holy hell

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my parents split after they made me. i am a volcano. they are tectonic plates. follow for more geological humour.

i really hope the two people who just followed me aren’t looking for geological humour or you are going to be earth-shatteringly disappointed

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everyone in harry potter treated luna like she was crazy for believing in weird shit like they didn’t go to wizard high school

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Moulin Rouge + Red & Blue

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i bet the abc family headquarters just has a big red button on a wall labeled “harry potter marathon” in big letters

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